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Menu principale:


They differentiate him from the others for freshness and genuineness, facts you/they are frozen and they immediately arrive hardly in the points sale.

The production is mainly composed from the full pasta as the tortellis and the raviolis, available in varied tastes:
- the most traditional, with ricotta and bieta,
- the savory, full of porky mushrooms
- the most refined, with smoked salmon or pulp of crab.

Our laboratory of production constantly guarantees the elevated quality of the product with the choice of the best ingredients.

It's submitted to a narrow sanitary hygienic control and, recently you/he/she has gotten the number of recognition CE for the workmanship of the fish products and EEC for the products to base of meat.

Tastes from the Sea:

Raviolis to the Cernia
Raviolis to the Scampi
Raviolis to the Lobster
Raviolis to the swordfish and citrus
Raviolis to the Pulp of Crab
Raviolis to the Salmon
Raviolis to the Sepia
Raviolis of the Sea
Tortelloni to the Bass
Tastes of our Earth:

The Tuscan cuisine is strongly tied to the traditions.

An ancient and constant relationship with the products of our earth has given life to a simple and tasty table.

The proposal of first dishes of the Pastificio maremmano sees the presence of the savory stuffings:
- the traditional Tuscans, to base of ricotta and vegetable;
- the richest, with porky mushrooms or hypocrites;
- the most refined, to base of asparaguses or cheeses;
- the most appetizing, with gorgonzola and walnut-trees;
- the newest, with the rucola or the red chicory.
Fresh Pasta
Tradition and technology

Eggs, flour, genuine ingredients, fresh and selected to the origin.
The quality of our pasta is born every day so, to rigorously arrive in table without preservative.
The production of the fresh pasta ripost the phases of the tradition and each car that we use allows to preserve the pasta's characteristics done to hand.
To maintain in the time all of his delicacy and his taste, fresh pasta is hardly frozen sort to guarantee its maintenance.
The process of frozen is very rapid.
It allows to maintain unchanged all the qualities of the pasta, it guarantees a good estate in cooking and, above all, a long maintenance without the aid of some preservative.
The products to base of Potatoes:

Our pastificio is born in one of the most ancient countries of the Maremma Toscana, and it is really for the culture and the traditions of this earth that our products have the taste and the taste "of once."

Among our products to base of potatoes you will find:

- the traditional smooth or ruled Potato dumplings and the Gnocchettis
- the refined persons Red and Green, smooth or ruled Potato dumplings.
Prodotti da Forno:

Cannelloni ricotta e verdura
Lasagne al Forno varie pezzature
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58036 - Roccastrada (GR)
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